Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Business Info

Pet Sitting in Your Home

Service will include feeding and changing water, scooping litter boxes, picking up mail and newspapers, watering plants, playing with your pet and medications if need be. I will walk your dog if it is leash trained. My usual visit length is 45 minutes.

45 minute visit----$20.00
60 minute visit----$25.00

My usual service area is within a 10 mile radius of North Smithfield. I will service outside of that area but there is an additional mileage charge.

Pet Boarding in My Home

I also offer limited overnight boarding at my home. Small to midsize dogs who are good with cats are housed in my home and are treated just like members of the family. All dogs are crated overnight. Larger dogs are housed in a kennel in an out building on my property. This is heated and air conditioned. There is also a large outside kennel for dogs to enjoy some outside time. All dogs get several bathroom breaks per day and then they also get longer walks (depending on the health & fitness of each individual pet). These walks go up in range to about 3 miles per day. Dogs that like other dogs get social play time. This service is dependent upon which dogs are in residence at any given time.

Overnight for Dogs----$20.00 a night and up

Cats are housed in custom made cat condos. A photo of these is attached. The condos are duplex size so they can definitely fit two kitties--with an adjoining door that can be closed if the kitties start to get on one anothers nerves. Cats are allowed out at least once a day to run around the cat room to get some exercise but if your kitty doesn't want to come out, it is not forced to come out. How much time outside the condo depends on occupancy numbers.

Overnight for Cats----$12.50 a night and up

Prices are subject to change. Call me with your info for a price quote.

MidDay Dog Walking

This service is limited to the immediate area of North Smithfield. Dogs must be leash trained.

1/2 hour walk----$12.50

1 hour walk------$25.00

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